Modern Heuristic Search Methods. V. J. Rayward-Smith, I. H. Osman, C. R. Reeves, G. D. Smith

Modern Heuristic Search Methods

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Modern Heuristic Search Methods V. J. Rayward-Smith, I. H. Osman, C. R. Reeves, G. D. Smith ebook pdf
Language: English
Page: 314
ISBN: 0471962805, 9780585356808

From the Publisher

Modern heuristic methods include techniques such as evolutionary algorithms, genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, tabu search, adaptive agents, and their various hybrids. There has been an increase in the exploration and exploitation of these methods in a wide range of fields such as management decision making, strategic planning, finance, telecommunications, scheduling, and packing. As a result these techniques can give a company considerable advantage. The book includes chapters from a number of international experts and presents some of the latest techniques and illustrative case studies. The initial chapter gives an introductory overview of the methods involved, and all the chapters have been carefully refereed provide interesting insights into the development and application of the technology.

From the Back Cover

Including contributions from leading experts in the field, this book covers applications and developments of heuristic search methods for solving complex optimization problems. The book covers various local search strategies including genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, tabu search and hybrids thereof. These methods have proved extraordinarily successful by solving some of the most difficult, real-world problems. At the interface between Artificial Intelligence and Operational Research, research in this exciting area is progressing apace spurred on by the needs of industry and commerce. The introductory chapter provides a clear overview of the basic techniques and useful pointers to further reading and to current research. The second section of the book covers some of the most recent and exciting developments of the basic techniques, with suggestions not only for extending and improving these but also for hybridizing and incorporating automatic adaption. The third section contains a number of case studies, surveys and comparative studies which span a wide range of application areas ranging from the classic Steiner tree problem to more practical problems arising in telecommunications and data analysis. The coverage of the latest research and the illustrative case studies will ensure that the book is invaluable for researchers and professionals with an interest in heuristic search methods.

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